DJ Bonics– From Pittsburgh Radio Airwaves to Global Private Airplanes

One thing you need to know about me is
that I have friends from ALL walks of life.
Some might be surprised to learn that I’m a big hip-hop fan
considering that my iPod consists mostly of
alternative rock and radio pop hits.
I don’t discriminate though– I’ll listen to anything!

I met DJ Bonics in July 2011 at Wiz Khalifa’s sold out
show at the St. Augustine Amphitheater,
and we’ve been friends ever since.
He’s a fellow Virgo,
so we have a lot in common and I find myself hitting him up
whenever I need some good advice and a different perspective on things.

I’m hoping that I can keep interviewing friends every month
and give people a sneak peek of a side
to artists they wouldn’t normally see.
Bonics is a great start!

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