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“These Days” It’s All About Thick As Thieves


This is definitely the most difficult album I’ve reviewed because there are so many different ways I could go about it. My friend Zach introduced me to Thick As Thieves recently and didn’t tell me anything about them, which is usually a good thing because I dive into the music without knowing what to expect. I’m actually speechless, and for anyone who knows me that’s a RARE occurrence :)

Final Digital Release

It’s difficult to put Thick As Thieves into a specific genre because I’ve honestly never heard anything like it, but I can’t stressenough how good that is. The California-based band incorporates so many different elements into their recently released EP These Days, but in some weird way it makes sense. At first glance my immediate reaction was, “Good God they’re a good looking band!”

Vocalist Sunday Lane is not only gorgeous, but also has an endearing quality to her voice that is tough to pinpoint. The smooth and soulful country vibe to her voice is complimented by her brother Max’s harmonies, and their style of obviously influenced by their Oklahoma upbringing. Nick provides the rhymes and does a fantastic job articulating his thoughts into each track. He comes hard and Sunday Lane balances it all out with her soft yet powerful vocals. As first listen, you’d think some of the tracks were country, but that’s only until he comes in and flips the script on you with the rock/hip-hop elements. Yes, rock/hip-hop with a country twist—again, it’s unusual, but makes sense!


Here’s a fun fact: Nick’s nickname is “Abercrombie Pac.”  Why? Well, he’s a clean cut, good-looking guy who sounds like TuPac– you’ll have to listen to the EP and hear it for yourself, but I’d say it’s fitting. The title track These Days is my favorite. I’m big on lyrics, and somehow it’s like Nick read my mind:

It’s making me hungry

Better watch your plate, I’m ready to eat, I’m ready to BE like Common

Too common, I’ll never be

Give me the Seeds, Give me the Roots, Give me the Tree,

Chop it down, give me the paper, watch me read

In God we trust

Give me the key, I’ll keep it locked

Give me a reason to leave.


These days keep on comin’

In my mind

Like everything’s sunshine

We just got good times,

Good times yeah

The biggest piece I’ll give someone listening to Thick As Thieves for the first time is be open-minded. To put it simple, they may not be everyone’s cup of tea because they definitely have a unique sound all their own, but I greatly appreciate hearing artists do things totally unexpected and unconventional– it’s refreshing! I had to listen to this EP for two straight weeks before I’d review it, and I’m still at a loss for words trying to pinpoint the right words– thanks for the challenge Zach! I get a handful of EPs to listen to every month, and while I do spend time with all of them, very few become a part of my daily playlist. These Days is currently the most played EP on my iPod and for good reason. It’s solid music with a great message behind the lyrics and the passion behind the delivery resonates with me long after. Check them out! What you find may surprise you.


Twitter: @ThievesMusic
iTunes:  Thick As Thieves

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