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Bernhoft Threw Me For A Loop– LITERALLY!

Playing the air guitar and hitting up the occasional karaoke bar is about the extent of my musical talent, so when I come across talented people like Norwegian singer Bernhoft, I go nuts. It fascinates me how people can compose music in their head like this then put it all together using just their voice, a guitar, and looping pedals. I’m OBSESSED with artists like this because I think I could watch them all day with my jaw dropped to the floor with every new layer.

A friend of mine brought Bernhoft to my attention, and I was hooked in the first 15 seconds. He has a pretty groovy sound, andBernhoft album cover it’s always impressive how foreign-born artists perform in English so flawlessly. Aside from that, I love how he does so much without the help of a band. Music these days can be a bit stale, so it’s refreshing to come across a musician who takes all the “fluff” out and relies on raw talent. His YouTube videos are simple– why complicate and take away from the music?

The rest of his album Solidarity isn’t too shabby either. It took a bit of work to get my hands on it since it was only available in the European iTunes store (yes I was surprised to find that out too). His music is easy listening with catchy beats, relatable lyrics, and dare I even call “C’mon Talk” my ear worm of the month 🙂 He’s going on tour in the US this season, so if he’s coming to a city near you, try to make it out! Check tour dates here –> Bernhoft Tour Dates

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