Carlos Santana– He’s Legend…wait for it…ary!

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It’s incredible to see artists with such impressive careers still touring and making music– Carlos Santana is one of those artists. I’ve been a fan of his for years thanks to my dad who obviously has been a fan for far longer. I’m memorized by his guitar playing and admittedly I’ll bust out some sweet air guitar moves when I listen to his album “Supernatural.”

At his show, Carlos Santana preached how we can all make a difference and make the world a better place. He encourages people to smile more and hoped the audience would take the energy from the show out into everyday life. It seems like a cliche thing for an artist to say on stage, but it seems genuine coming from someone who exudes wisdom and experience the way he does.


I imagine meeting Carlos Santana is an experience someone would not easily forget. He’s been in the music business for nearly 50 years and I bet has a lot of crazy stories to go along with his travels. It’s so important to see artists like Santana in concert if you ever get the opportunity to because let’s face it, you never know how much longer they’ll be around. Fortunately, I’ve seen a handful of artists (Billy Joel, ACDC, Boston, Slash, The Eagles, Van Halen, and Chicago) who all have songs that no doubt will keep their legacy alive for generations to come.





“If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment.”
– Carlos Santana

Photo credit: Krista Rae of Krista Rae Photography

Special thanks to the St. Augustine Amphitheater
for their continued support and always bringing
great artists to Northeast Florida.
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