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“WAIT! Did you change your shoes in the parking lot?” — Mary Lambert

NEVER underestimate the power of making an impression on someone…even if you have no idea they’re watching you. That’s exactly what happened with Mary Lambert, but thankfully it was a good impression and gave us something to laugh about. I was also excited that her awesome tour manager, Autumn, gave me a little tidbit about Mary’s summer plans with The Script 😉

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If you’ve never heard of Mary Lambert, you’ve definitely heard her voice because it was hard to escape in 2013 and 2014. She collaborated with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on their smash hit “Same Love,” and performed the single at a wedding ceremony DURING the 2014 Grammy Awards ceremony. Speaking of the Grammys, Mary and I have a common connection, and if you don’t think the world is small, wrap your mind around this:

– I worked for a radio in station in Jacksonville (very briefly!) and was being trained by one of their part-time deejays, Swizzy.
– Swizzy and I became fast friends, but lost touch after I left the station.
– We follow each other on IG and a while later I saw that he was expecting a baby with this girlfriend/fiancée, Laura.
– I LOVE watching the Grammys, so of course I had to tune in to see this huge wedding ceremony that was planned for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ performance.
– There were about 50 couples, including same-sex couples, who were to be married on live television with Queen Latifah presiding and Mary Lambert as the wedding singer.
– As I’m watching this all go down, I see a familiar face pop up on the TV… SWIZZY! After some IG research (ahem, stalking) I realized that he married Ryan Lewis’ sister and I started flipping out that he got to experience such an amazing thing on his special day.

Bottom line: EVERYONE is connected in some way 🙂


Learn more about the talented Ms. Lambert:
Twitter/IG: @MaryLambertSing

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