Jingle Ball

Holdin It Down With Flo Rida


Flo Rida is always one of my favorite artists to talk to, and he puts on a pretty entertaining show too! The Miami native brought the BB&T Center to its feet with an explosive performance, and it was a great way to top off the Jingle Ball 2013 tour.

I feel so tiny when I’m standing next to him…well… ok I am tiny, but that beside the point. For being such a huge guy, he’s very sweet to everyone to comes in contact with and is always very gracious to swing by the media room. Flo’s new album features appearances from a bunch of artists adding to the already lengthy roster of collaborations, but I was surprised who he said he’d want to do a song with– watch the interview to find out 😉

Highlight of the interview? Comparing tattoos!

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