Jingle Ball

The Stunning Demi Lovato

I  always admire when celebrities are honest and share their experiences with drug abuse and eating disorders. It seems like every week a new celebrity gets wrapped up in some scandal, then enters rehab as a way to cope, but let’s be serious– rehab for a celebrity is in most cases a form of damage control and a way to stall while a publicist comes up with a story to keep the person’s image intact.

However, in Demi’s case rehab was a lifesaving decision and one she’s been open about too. Her latest album is laced with lyrics about strength and survival, but it’s much different than other powerful anthems because she puts so much vulnerability into her delivery. I was excited for the chance to interview her at Y100’s Jingle Ball 2013, and was even more excited after I asked her the one question that obviously sparked her interest with the best response 🙂 Plus, she’s absolutely STUNNING in person. I can’t wait to see her on tour this year!

I love tattoos with a good story behind them.

I love tattoos with a good story behind them. Here’s a link to the story behind mine!

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